Hill Central School

140 Dewitt Street
New Haven, CT 06519

Meet the Hill Central School Staff

Mr. Jaime E. Ramos, Principal

[email protected]

Administrative Assistant:

Ms. Connie Walton [email protected]

Leadership Team:

Ms. Nicole Brown, Assistant Principal [email protected]

Mr. Christopher Fry, Culture Leader [email protected]

Ms. Elizabeth Hick, Math Coach [email protected]

Ms. Donna DelBasso, SRBI Leader [email protected]

Mr. Brien Borgnine, S.T.E.M. Leader [email protected]

Ms. Marisol Rodriguez, Bilingual Leader [email protected]

Pre-K Team:

Iris Mellaly-   [email protected]
Nilda Sepulveda-  [email protected]
Kindergarten Team: 

Fran Beler-  [email protected]
Rosa Esparza- [email protected]
Cynthia Garcia  
Camille Fappiano

First Grade Team and Interventionist:

Kim Turey-  [email protected]
Sarah Howland- [email protected]
Maria Bonilla
Ms. Rispoli
Angela Annino

Second Grade Team:

Lindsey Ambroseo- [email protected]
Gissela Martinez- [email protected]

Third Grade Team:

Anabel Sette-  [email protected]ct.us
Christine Burgos- [email protected]
Paula Ospina- [email protected]

Fourth Grade Team:

Katie Kaczmarek- [email protected]

Nicole Rindos-  [email protected]

Fifth Grade Team:

Jessica Ryan-  jessica.ryan@new-haven.k12.ct.us

Matt Morgan-  [email protected]

Sixth Grade Team:

Stephanie Langlois-  stephanie.prisco@new-haven.k12.ct.us

Karen Zaborowski- [email protected]

Seventh and Eighth Grade Team:

Robert Sobolisky-  robert.sobolisky@new-haven.k12.ct.us

Phillip Rogers- [email protected]

Elise Guidry- [email protected]

Delores Marshall- [email protected]

Orlando Hernandez- [email protected]

Guadalupe Santiago- [email protected]

Art, Music and Physical Education Team:

Jennifer Jakubiec-  Jennifer.[email protected]

Linsey Taylor- [email protected]

Jackie Chiarelli- [email protected]

Ruddie Montavol- [email protected]

Christina Freel- [email protected]

ESL and Special Education Teams:

Marisol Rodriguez, Bilingual Leader- [email protected]

Brenda Chapman, PPT Chair- [email protected]

Tracy Langley- [email protected]

Courtney Sutherland- [email protected]

Omayra Perez- [email protected]

Maria Peter- [email protected]

Sarah Russell

Barbara Gambrell

Hill Central Family:

Shelly Buynack, Librarian- [email protected]

Lavinia Marchis, Psycologist-  [email protected]

Charisse Townsend, Youth Coordinator-  Charisse.Townsend @new-haven.k12.ct.us

Grecia Marmolejos, Family Resource-  Grecia.Marmolejos @new-haven.k12.ct.us

Lysie Rodriguez, Family Resource-  Lysie.Rodriguez @new-haven.k12.ct.us

Olga Rodriguez, Social Worker-  Olga.Rodriguez @new-haven.k12.ct.us

Kevin Laragy

Bobby the Bobcat